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Branick N2 Dry Nitrogen

Nitrogen Inflation in Golden Valley, MN

Fill your tires with dry nitrogen at Golden Valley Tire & Service. Our nitrogen inflation service replaces compressed air with as much nitrogen as possible to provide benefits like greater retention of tire pressure. Filling tires with nitrogen also lessens the risk of rust and oxidation.

We use the Branick N2 Dry Nitrogen System. It's the clear choice for your wallet, your car, and most important of all, the people riding with you!

Did You Know: Nitrogen is a slow acting gas used in many tire applications: military, racing, commercial, industrial, space, and flight

Dry Nitrogen VS Compressed Air in Your Tires

  • Nitrogen is safer than compressed air
  • Nitrogen filled tires give better fuel economy
  • Nitrogen maintains tire pressure far more effectively
  • Tire mileage will increase 25% or more with dry nitrogen
  • Nitrogen filled tires improve overall handling and ride quality
  • Braking is improved with nitrogen inflated tires
  • Nitrogen is non-combustible and non-flammable

With Minnesota weather, it makes sense to replace the compressed air in your tires with dry nitrogen.

Would you like to learn more about nitrogen and how it compares to compressed air in your tires? Visit www.getnitrogen.org to learn more now. If you're interested in converting to dry nitrogen, then call (763) 541-0569 to speak with the team at Golden Valley Tire & Service. You can also schedule your service online.

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